Friday, July 26, 2013

Travel Day

Well folks, not a whole lot to report today, as we were on the move from Cappadocia (central Turkey) to Kusadasi (southwestern Turkey), and between the flights and drive times, didn't have a whole lot of time left over for touring (we usually pack our days as full as we can). 

We did see a few things though. 

First, we stopped at a little village called Sirince, which is unique for a few reasons, including the fact that the architecture has essentially been preserved from 1922 (an interesting year in Turkish history, as this is the year nearly all the Turkish Christians left Turkey - either voluntarily or at the point of a sword depending on who you talk to). 

A great little village which is quite touristy but also known for its fruit wine, which we were able to sample. Yum!

Some of the houses were a bit run down, unfortunately as a result of the growing gap between the people with money who are able to keep their places in good repair, and those who are less fortunate, but nevertheless in possession of these old homes. 

The village also houses the church of St. John the Baptist, who lived for a brief time in the area (not this village, but near Ephesus). It's undergoing restoration, but is beautiful nonetheless. 

Unfortunately the frescoes here are badly damaged, but are interesting as they depict the holy grail. 

Afterwards, we continued our trip in to Kusadasi, where we are staying at a resort on the Aegean sea, which is completely reminiscent of Mexico!  We were fortunate to catch a spectacular sunset as well:

Cappadocia was cool - In the high twenties. Here, temps are in the mid thirties, which is not cool. It's actually supposed to hit the high thirties later in the week. Too hot for Paul!

The bulk of the afternoon was spent relaxing pool side. A late dinner at the hotel (with another Turkish wine) and we are now ready for bed (nearly midnight here as we write). 

A big day tomorrow as we'll be touring Ephesus, Mary's house (yes, that Mary), more chapels, as well as another traditional lunch at a house in the country (we will take photos this time). 

Hope everyone is doing well: we'll chat with you soon,

Paul and Aoife. 

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