Saturday, July 20, 2013

Istanbul: End of Day 1

Well between travelling and napping, day 1 flew by pretty quickly. 

We did get to go to a Turkish bath since the last post. It was 350 years old (or so). Even though it started off in essentially a sauna (not my cup of tea), it was very relaxing. For as much as getting massaged by a hairy Turkish man can be. 

After a brief siesta (I don't know the Turkish word for that yet), we hit an outdoor gathering outside of the Hagia Sophia. Lots of people, prayers from the mosques, chestnuts, corn and sweets. And a pretty cool bazaar. It was amazing to see so many families with kids and friends together having evening picnics with nuts and coffee. 

Tomorrow (Sunday), we're off to see the Hagia Sophia, the Byzantine Hippodrome, the blue mosque and the spice market. 

We'll post pics when we get them. For now, here's a picture of a mosque and the bazaar from our adventure earlier tonight. 

Paul and Aoife. 

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