Saturday, August 3, 2013

Party, Party on a Boat

Yesterday was a fun, but long day spent cruising around the coast of Cesme and various other Turkish islands..! 

The boat was set up just like a beach - with sun beds and covers to provide shade, and a bar, and cruised to a few secluded beaches so that people could have a swim. There was also a water slide, and about 12 massive speakers through which tunes were flowing. Oh, and the boat had its own DJ. Crazy. 

Aoife went swimming, but I did not (shock). It was beautiful and hot, though the breeze off the water was also very pleasant. 

I did take one shot of the boat, but something obviously happened with the panoramic photo, because it looks like there's a drop in the ocean (there wasn't)! Ah well, as it's the only photo we got, I'm going to post it anyhow:

Turkey has such a nice coastline in this area, and the water is completely clear and blue. So nice. 

Lunch on board the boat was mackerel which the crew roasted overtop of coals at a shore-side BBQ at one of the stops we made. It was delicious. 

At one port we even saw an octopus about the size of a soccer ball (which a member of the crew promptly captured -presumably  for his dinner - using a harpoon gun and goggles). 

Any time we were cruising, the DJ was spinning his tunes. Kids and adults were dancing. Our host for the trip was quite a character, and even got me up dancing at one point (when he personally called me out for not participating over those 12 massive speakers)!

On the way back, we passed a ritzy beach club, and our host got us all to stand up with towels. The DJ cranked up the music, and we all followed our host in a group dance which must have looked like a flash mob to the observers. It looked to me like everyone had stopped to watch us, and was actually quite a lot of fun. Aoife says she's going to bring this exercise to Pigeon Lake the next time we're out there on the boat. Ha!

We reached port around 6:00 pm, and went back to the room for showers, naps and some reading (and to cool down a bit).

Back out for a late dinner around 10 pm, where we tried some new kebabs at a different restaurant (plus dips, calamari, bread and a salad!) Both were in a creamy sauce and were delicious. Both were also on fire again!

After another stroll through town, we returned home. 

As I'm writing this, it's just after 10 am on Saturday. We're planning on taking a taxi over to an adjacent village as it's market day today. There should be lots going on. Other than that, it's a free day, so nothing formal planned. I'm sure we'll find something to keep us busy!

Talk to you all soon,

Paul and Aoife. 

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